Foreign Body Eye

শেয়ার করুন


  1. Remove Foreign Body

Don’t try to remove a large object or one that is deeply stuck in the eye. For small particles or something under the upper eyelid:

  • Clean around the eye with a wet washcloth if there are many particles.
  • Rinse the eye with a saline solution or clean water. Or place the affected side of the face in a pan of water; then have the person open and close the eye repeatedly to wash it out.

For something in the corner of the eye or under the lower lid:

  • If the object is under the lid, pull down the skin above the cheek bone.
  • Remove the item with the corner of a damp cloth or moistened cotton swab.
  1. See a Health Care Provider

Get medical help if the person:

  • Still feels like there’s something in the eye
  • Has abnormal sensation or pain or has changes in vision
  • Continues tearing after you wash out the eye
  • Has a cloudy spot on the cornea
  1. Follow Up

  • The health care provider will examine the eye.
  • The person may be referred to an eye specialist.